Kearney County Primary 2020 Results

Less than half of the 4,435 registered voters in Kearney County participated in the May 12 Primary Election. A majority of those exercising their rights did so through early voting with a total of 1,506 mail in ballots cast while 470 individuals hit the polls on election day. Results for the Primary Election follow.

U.S. President: Donald J. Trump (R) 1,344; Bill Weld (R) 79; Joe Biden (D) 305; Tulsi Gabbard (D) 17; Bernie Sanders (D) 28; Elizabeth Warren (D) 15; Max Abramson (L) 0; Dan Behrman (L) 1; Lincoln Chafee (L) 1; Jacob Hornberger (L) 1; Jo Jorgensen (L) 1; Adam Kokesh (L) 0; Write-In 19.

see May 20 Courier for full story