Kearney County Voters To Decide Fate Of Hospital Improvement Project

Voters in Kearney County will go to the polls on March 15 to decide the fate of the $10 million Kearney County Hospital improvement project.
Informational meetings were held at the hospital throughout the county throughout the county inform the residents about the importance of the hospital improvement project and the how, if approved, the bond would affect area property owners.
The county-wide special bond election will include Minden and the surrounding communities of  Heartwell, Wilcox, Norman and Axtell.
Voters will be asked to vote For or Against the proposed issuance of bonds totaling $10 million for the purpose of paying for the construction of a new patient room wing and renovation of the existing 56 year old facility.
Repayment of the proposed bond will be paid through a tax on all property within Kearney County.  The increase in the property tax levy is estimated at 8.5 cents or approximately $85 on every $100,000 of valuation.
The bonds could be refinanced at a lower rate or retired in whole or in part from any excess hospital funds at any time after five years.
The polls open on Tuesday, March 15 at 8:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.
Registered Kearney County voters may vote at the following polling places: Lowell-St. Paul Lutheran Church, 42 Road and X Road; Newark-Fort Kearny State Park, 1020 V Road; Logan/Hayes/Sherman-First Christian Church-444 N. Brown Ave., Minden; Liberty/Lincoln/May-United Methodist Church, 340 N. Newell, Minden; Eaton-Heartwell Town Hall, Heartwell; Mirage-Axtell Community Hall, Axtell; Oneida-Wilcox Village Hall, Wilcox; Cosmo/Grant-Fredericksburg Lutheran Church, 616 33 Road; Minden North-Kearney County Courthouse, 424 N. Colorado; Minden South-Minden Fire Hall; Minden Center, United Methodist Church, 340 Newell.  All polling places area accessible to individuals with physical mobility limitations.

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