Kids Give Up Pizza To Help Others

The riders of Minden Schools Bus 96A chose to give their “winnings” to charity, rather than spend it on themselves for pizza. The students won points by correctly answering questions while riding on their route. Their “Cash Bus” game is a takeoff on the television game show “Cash Cab”, and their points translate into dollars for a special treat at a special time of year.
Enough points had been earned to qualify for a pizza treat after school on Thursday, December 16th. However, the riders chose to have their driver give their “winnings” in the form of a donation to people with holiday needs. A donation of $80 is being given to the Goodfellows, thanks to the kind and generous hearts of the kids who ride 96A.
Zach Reichstein, Haley Reichstein, Brady Fredrickson, Hunter Fredrickson, Eliza Fredrickson, José Alarcon, Trenton Scadden, Angel Aranda, Kevin Aranda, Taylor Hopkins, Isaac Kuehn, Yessenia Serrano, Gerardo Serrano, Makenna Dornhoff, Nolan Reed, Alex Brais, Jonathan Brais,Trevor Trine, Emma Ryan, Dyllan Kuehn, Brooke Kuehn, Trevor Kuehn, Nicholas Kuehn, Alexas Kuehn, Brianna Kuehn, Daulton Kuehn, Jared Kuehn, Erin Kuehn, Shawn Kuehn, Amber Raymond, Amanda Albers, Adrienna Albers, Lily Bloomfield, Emily Bradbury, Valarie  Watson.
Bus driver Tim Beck was extremely proud of the choice made by his riders and wishes them and all a Merry Christmas.

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