Korth Sworn In As Deputy County Attorney

Neleigh Korth was officially sworn in as the Kearney County Deputy Attorney on Thursday, March 3.
Originally from McCook, Korth earned an undergraduate degree from Hastings College and her law degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law.  Following completion of law school, Korth worked as a civil attorney in North Platte at Kelley, Scritsmier and Byrne for a year before being hired in August of 2004 as the Keith County Deputy Attorney where she served as the deputy county attorney for 6 1/2 years.
Korth also worked for former Keith County Attorney Blake Edwards, where she focused on criminal proceedings.
“I like criminal prosecution the best, but that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 6 1/2 years so I feel comfortable and familiar with it,” said Korth. “It’s the aspect of the law I like best.”
Korth will serve in the capacity of deputy county attorney until June 30, 2011 and then will be appointed as the contract Kearney County Attorney in July when acting county attorney Bryan McQuay steps down.
Korth replaces former Kearney County attorney David Wondra, who died on December 1, 2010 from cancer.  Wondra was the Kearney County attorney for 21 years.
“Basically, Bryan and I have the agreement that I am deputy in title only, so essentially he’s considering me the county attorney already,” said Korth. “I’m doing much of the day to day work, Bryan’s trying to get back into his old schedule of being over here once a week, maybe a couple days as he needs to. He’s hoping to shift more of the work to me.”
The Kearney County Attorneys office will have a new location on the first floor of the Kearney County courthouse.

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