Kristensen Siblings Continue Family’s Diversified Farming Style

Siblings Dan Kristensen, Katerina Kristensen-White, and Jenna Kristensen are carrying on their family’s tradition of diversified farming. The family has raised crops and livestock northwest of Minden for more than 130 years and five generations. They plan to continue the business for years to come.
“We’ve had a diversified operation here for generations. My parents had cattle before we were born as with the previous generations,” Katerina said. “My plan since starting college was to come back to our livestock operation. After two years away, I was ready to come back and start a family and raise cattle.”
Their parents Duane and Deborah Kristensen are still involved in the operation which has kept the family close. While Katerina and her father focus on the ranching, Dan focuses primarily on the farming aspect. By using the land for both purposes, they are able to maximize utilization.

for full story see May 25 Courier

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