Light Of The World Is Looking For Volunteers

Minden’s annual The Light of the World Christmas Pageant is set to begin Saturday, November 24.
Yet, important positions remain unfilled.
What historically was an event which people had to wait to become a part of–by retirement of the person holding the position, for example–now has trouble generating enough interest in the community to get enough participation to continue the pageant.
Minden has grown in the forty-six years the pageant has been showing. However, involvement in the pageant has not increased, nor has it even remained proportionate to the city’s population. It has decreased.
One of the pageant’s organizers, Pat Miller of Miller Abstract and Title, said, “Years ago, people felt very honored to be asked to be in the pageant. It was an honor.
“We seem to be having more trouble finding people that are interested and that want to commit to be in it.”
A few, rare families make it a staple of their own winters. Miller told of one family that has participated over generations. If someone would have to miss the pageant, the family would make sure their position was covered.
Also the parts of angels and soldiers were once reserved for Minden High School seniors. Students, Miller said, would look forward to performing in the pageant as part of their senior year.
Now, the reservation is no longer in place. Junior high school students, as well as adults, are welcome to perform the role. But still the number of volunteers they need is not being met.
“If we’re going to keep the pageant going, we do need people to step up,” Miller said. “We can’t do it without all the volunteer time and help.”
Ben Morey, whose father started the pageant and whose son now directs it in his place, said that the people should not be anxious about joining the pageant.
“We make sure it’s a pleasant experience.”
The pageant wants all types of volunteers. You might have put it off for years. It could be that you do not feel capable. Maybe you are new to town and think you could never join an event with as much history as the pageant.
But none of that matters.
“You don’t have to have theatrical experience of any kind,” Morey said. To the person who is uncomfortable about breaking into the community, he added, “I can’t think of a better way than being part of the pageant.”
And, for those longtime residents of the city, who love Minden but would just rather watch from the sidelines, don’t forget that it has been on the shoulders of dedicated citizens over the years to keep the pageant going.
“It creates a sense that we’re still the Christmas City,” Morey said.
Anyone who wants to support the pageant is encouraged to please contact Pat Miller at or by phone 308-832-0969 or Morey at or by phone at 308-830-3912.

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