Local Company Receives National Acclaim

Making the front cover of a national trade magazine was the furthest thing from Jack Lammers mind when he hired an advertising company from Denver to help promote his fiberglass pipe product.
But not only did Lammers’ company, Burgess Well, make the cover of the March 2011 National Driller magazine, a trade magazine that serves contractors in the drilling, pump installation, irrigation and water conditioning treatment industries, but the additional national exposure opened a new niche market for Lammers in the Pennsylvania mining industry.
“Since this article has come out I have gotten calls like crazy from Pennsylvania for the mines back there,” said Lammers. “They have been putting 700 to 800 foot wells down in the mines and have been using metal pipe and having problems because of the pH of the water­… it’s real acidic, and that doesn’t bother the fiberglass pipe one bit. They’re also chlorinating the water and the chlorine is really corrosive on metal pipe.  We’ve got a real market back there to tap that I never had before.  I’ve never worked with mines before and I’m really excited about it.”
The National Driller article highlighted the use of Aquifer Storage and Recovery fiberglass pipe (ASR) specially designed for use in the Floridian Aquifer by Burgess Well.  Cape Coral, Florida used the pipe in a water well project to desalinate the water from the aquifer.

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