Local Students Score Higher Than State Average On AC

An annual report recently released from ACT shows that a majority of the country’s graduates are ill-prepared for success in college. The ACT’s findings in their annual report, The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013, show that only 39 percent of ACT-tested 2013 graduates met three or more of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks. Only 26 percent of the graduates nationally scored well enough in four core subject areas (English, reading, mathematics, and science) to be likely to score a C average or better in college.
At the state and local level, students scored higher on their overall college readiness, but still many students graduate without meeting the benchmarks set by the ACT to indicate they are prepared for college and their career aspirations.
In Nebraska, 28 percent of ACT-tested graduates in 2013 met all four benchmarks. At Minden High School, 36 percent of 2013 graduates met those benchmarks. The ACT has established the following minimum scores as college readiness benchmarks: English Composition – 18 on ACT English Test; Algebra – 22 on ACT Mathematics Test; Social Science – 22 on ACT Reading Test; and Biology – 23 on ACT Science Test.

See the August 27th Courier for full article.

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