Make A Switch To The Courier e-Edition

Don’t let your college student leave for college without their subscription to their hometown newspaper, The Minden Courier. The Courier has overhauled its online site and improved its e-Edition with more features and more additions yet to come.
The Minden Courier website: is open 24 hours a day seven days a week so you can get a glimpse of what is happening in and around Minden and Kearney county.
College students can benefit by getting a nine month college subscription online for only $15 a month or a traditional newspaper delivered for only $23 for nine months.
The Minden Courier is also offering reduced rates for those subscribers who would like to make the switch to the e-Edition which is now available. The online version of the Courier is a cost savings of $10 per year with an annual subscription for only $20.
Traditional in-state subscribers are $30 and out-state subscribers are $34 or you can pair the online and the printed version for $45 a year.
Call Jim at The Minden Courier (308) 832-2220 today for more details about getting your subscription started today.

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