MCS Within $3,500 Of $10,000 Goal

The Minden Senior Center is within $3,500 of $10,000 needed to receive a grant from the Rogers Foundation, thanks to a generous donation of $5,000 from Al Lux of Grayson Tools.
With the deadline of December 1 rapidly approaching, Minden Community Services, owners of the building housing the Senior Center, must raise the additional $3,500 quickly in order to qualify for the matching grant.
The grant is needed to renovate the restrooms at the center, which is used extensively by the senior citizens of Minden.
The building and restrooms are more than thirty years old, and the ancient fixtures and cramped quarters make it extremely difficult for patrons relying on walkers and wheelchairs access to the restrooms at the Senior Center.
“Our primary purpose,” said Kelley Ayres, “is to make the restrooms accessible for the seniors that use the center.  The plans include building two new bathrooms with wider doors, two stalls, tile floors and new fixtures.  The Senior Center is used constantly for the noon meal and other senior activities.  The building is also rented out for community functions.  It is our hope that the bathroom renovations will not only serve the senior citizen patrons, but will also make the building a better facility for community functions.”

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