Medication Take Backs Return Across Two Rivers Public Health Department District

The Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) will be resuming Medication Take Backs across the United States. Medication Take Backs offer a free and safe place to dispose of unwanted over the counter and prescription medications.  Bring all unused medication, whether over the counter or prescribed, to your nearest Take Back location on Sept. 26.
“Medications can be abused if they fall into the wrong hands or harmful when not disposed of properly” states Heather Easton, Environmental Coordinator at Two Rivers Public Health Department. “We are so excited to have this event back in the Two Rivers District, This partnership offers our communities much needed resources in the form of a safe way to dispose of excess medications. It’s safe and easy!” Unused medications that are not disposed of properly can find their way into our water sources. Also it can be tempting for youth to go through your medicine chest and abuse medications.

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