Member Removed Prior To Board Of Ed. Meeting

Minden School Board member Katie Sinsel was escorted from the premises before the April 12 meeting of the school board got started. Sinsel refused to wear a mask on school grounds despite the district’s mask mandate and a policy approved at the March meeting requiring public and board members to wear a mask during school board meetings. The policy also states that school board members who are asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask will have an unexcused absence from the meeting.

Superintendent Jim Widdifield approached Sinsel and asked her to wear a mask for the meeting or to leave the school grounds. Sinsel refused both options and Minden Police Chief Brad Butler was asked to remove Sinsel from the school. Butler informed Sinsel her choices were to put on a mask, leave the school on her own, or face possible arrest for trespassing. Sinsel continued to protest which resulted in her being led from the school in handcuffs.

The board opened a hearing for Americanism in Minden Public Schools. Jerry Kershner took the opportunity to thank the Americanism Committee and voice his hope that the district will teach students about the founders’ values. In discussion, Widdifield, administrators, and the board provided examples of American Civics being taught and shared in every grade level across the district. There are several benchmarks that must be met, but Minden Public Schools has gone above and beyond what is required to teach students about American civics.

see April 21 Courier for full story