MHS Moves Forward With ‘reVision Process’ Program

A new program being implemented at Minden High School has taken its first steps to opening avenues that were previously unexplored for students. In addition, the program hopes to remedy an employment deficiency in Kearney County.
The class is taught by Bob Carlson and will be run under the framework of the Nebraska Department of Education’s ‘reVision Process’. The ‘reVision Process’ is a strategic approach for schools to analyze their current Career Education programs and make district/community level adjustments to more effectively prepare students for college and careers.
Carlson and his students will spend time touring various businesses and explore the numerous local career opportunities available to Minden High School students. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit colleges and community colleges to examine the wide variety of Career and Technical Education programs of study.

see August 31 Courier for full story

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