MHS Textiles Receives New Quilting Machine

A new quilting machine was recently donated to the Minden High School Textiles class. The machine will allow students to complete a full quilt in class and the results will be professional quality.
“If you don’t have a machine like this and they make these big quilts, they have to get them professionally quilted and that costs money. I would find before we had a machine like this that a lot of kids would never get their projects finished. They would make the top at school and then it would never get finished and years later it would still be sitting in a box. This way, it’s done and usable,” Instructor Pam Johnson said. “And they get to try a new programming technology which is a useful skill.”
The class has used an older quilting machine for more than eight years. It was also donated to the class by the same patron and was well used by the class.

see May 8 Courier for full story

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