Midwest Meat Company Opens in Minden

The wait is finally over, Midwest Meat Company will open their doors for retail service on March 16. Owners Harold, Rachael, and Trent Colby have been working to- ward this goal for several years.

“This has been about a two year process,” Harold said. “The City Council has been supportive. Minden as a whole has been fantastic.”

The Colbys bought Franklin Locker in 2013. As their business picked up, the family discussed options for keeping up with demand. In the end they determined building a new facility in Minden, the community they had recently moved to, was the best choice.

“We started to see how small things were down in Franklin space wise. We had the square footage, but it wasn’t built to do any kind of volume,” Harold explained. “The decision came down to: do we spend an awful lot of money down there to maybe revamp a building that wasn’t designed to do things the way we do it, or do we spend the money here and build something new in a community that has been good to us? We live here, our kids live here, all our help lives here, so it made more sense to do this.”

Once the decision was made, it took the better part of a year to find the right piece of property and get all the necessary permits in order. There were several con- struction setbacks as a result of the pandemic and se- vere weather, but the Colbys were determined to open Midwest Meat Company in Minden.

“It’s been a wave of waiting for the materials to come,” Rachael said. “Having a new, bigger facility is al- ways what we wanted.”

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