Minden Chamber 8th Annual Blue Jeans & BBQ

The Minden Chamber of Commerce will host the eighth annual Blue Jeans and BBQ event on Friday, March 17 at the Kearney County Fairgrounds. The event is a fun way for the community to come together to salute agriculture and local business.

“The event came about at a Chamber board meeting where we were trying to brainstorm about ways to get the community together and not make it so ‘stuffy’,” Sally Jurgensmier said. “It just so happened that in 2015, Minden was celebrating ‘100 years of Gleam’, the 100th anniversary of the courthouse lights. Minden is also very dependent on agriculture for its livelihood. We thought it was a good time to kick off what Minden is known for and what it is thankful for so Blue Jeans and BBQ was born!”

Organizing the annual event has not always been easy over the years, but the Chamber is dedicated to hosting the celebration that creates an avenue for business, agriculture, and community to work together.

“Yes, it’s been a struggle to coordinate with small town economy, covid, and the price of agriculture rising, yet when we think of changing gears, the committee says, ‘let’s do it!’ This event is not a fundraiser for the Chamber. It is a platform for the rural sector and town to mingle and network. It’s a way to say thanks to all who keep Minden on the map. It is scheduled around Ag Week because that makes sense,” Jurgensmier said.

Businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this event to promote themselves by introducing a new product, new employees, or advancement in the business.

“It is also a great time to recognize any individual who has strongly shown dedi- cation to Minden and our mission or workforce. Businesses are endouraged to let the Chamber know if they can highlight a member of society that keeps Minden thriving,” Jurgensmier said.