Minden Chamber Welcomes Director Heather Riggleman

For the past year, the Minden Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has hosted annual events and kept the Chamber running while they searched for a director. The search is finally over now that Heather Riggleman has joined the team as the new Minden Chamber of Commerce Director.

Although she is not a native Minden resident, Riggleman has a tie to the community that dates back many years. When she and her husband, Chris, first moved to Nebraska as newlyweds, they rented a house in Minden sight unseen. Even after they moved to Kearney just a few years later, they returned to the community frequently.

“We always just kept coming back to Minden whether it was events or just coming back to hang out. Then in 2015 we renewed our vows at the Minden Opera House. Later we  had a storm of well timed events that made us realize that we wanted to move back to Minden because we wanted the simpler pace of life. We wanted to build our dream home and that’s what we decided to do,” Riggleman recalled.

see June 1 Courier for full story