Minden Community Players Presents ‘The Treasure Of Shiver River’ July 19-21 & 26-28

The Minden Community Players will present “The Treasure of Shiver River” at Minden Opera House July 19-21 and 26-28. Audience members of all ages can enjoy the humor of this melodrama brought to life by a small cast bringing big personalities to life.
Set in the fictitious town of Shiver River, a whole host of over the top characters are staying at Lotta Luck’s (Peg Melroy) hotel in preparation for the big cattle auction. Scoop O’Mally (Michael Nielsen) is asking questions as he searches for a headliner for the Shiver River Times. The villain, Rod Enreel (Gary Braun), is working on a plan or twelve to take over the Shiver Valley Ranch and find the buried treasure. Paige Turner (Kelle Hunt) is searching for a love as steamy as her favorite novel and she has her eye on Rod. Needing assistance with Plan J or was it Plan K? Rod calls in Dr. Ophelia Payne (Ruth Nielsen), the best con man this side of the Rio Grande. The heroine, Heidi Claire Sanders (Erica Morey), is waiting for hero Marshal Marshall Law (Paul Mosley) to propose. Colonel Ticonderoga Sanders (Rev. Berke Landrum) wants to sell his cattle. Rusty Nail (Morris Turner on weekend 1 and Steve Shearer on weekend 2) is the auctioneer who gets confused when he gets excited. His wife, Tenpenny Nail (Connie Ryan), does her best to keep him away from caffeine and too much excitement. Orin Gold (Don Phillips) and Burlap Bonnie (Jeanne Jons) are out to prove the treasure of Shiver River isn’t just a legend.

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