Minden Customers Must Complete Survey By June 30

The State of Nebraska Department of Health requires a cross connection survey to be completed by ALL residential and commercial sites at least once every five years. The purpose of the survey is to determine if cross connections exist that would allow impure water, gas, or liquid to gain entrance to the plumbing system to contaminate or pollute a safe water supply system in the event of a system backflow.  Completion of this form is a condition of water service. Failure to complete and return this form puts your water system in violation of State Health Department Regulation Title 179.

Please complete ONE SIDE of the form found online at www.mindennebraska.org and scroll down to “Minden News” or you may obtain a copy of the survey from City Hall.  There is one for RESIDENTIAL customers and one for COMMERCIAL customers. Completed applications are due by June 30, 2020. If you have any questions please contact City Hall at (308) 832-1820.