Minden Finally To Build Hike And Bike Trail

Back in 2009, the city and administrator Brent Lewis began discussing the idea of a Hike and Bike trail to run through Minden, similar to the oft used trail that runs through Axtell.
Lisa Karnatz made a proposition to the Nebraska Department of Roads and a Responsible Charge out of Holdrege started work on the plans.
To be RC qualified, an employee takes eight days of classes in Lincoln covering a broad spectrum of skills surrounding construction management and supervision.
The trail plans were delayed when issues arose with Lewis and his employment with the city. But attention picked back up, with a 2009 version of the plans being approved for the city to actually begin construction.
The total cost will be around $600,000 but 80% will be paid by federal highway funds, and the city will be left with a bill of $70,000.
According to federal regulations, the path has to start and end at points that have parking lots, for convenience. The Minden trail will begin at Legion Park and end at the Outdoor Classroom.

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