Minden Housing Town Hall Meeting

More than 30 community members participated in the April 6 Minden Town Hall meeting to present results of the 2020 Housing study and  set priorities for housing. The meeting began with an overview of the housing study results presented by Sharon Hueftle of SCEDD.

The study revealed Minden has a lower vacancy rate than similar communities. This combined with an estimated three percent growth in population per decade means that 259 more homes, 13 units per year, will need to be built to accommodate the population. A housing affordability analysis revealed a deficit of homes affordable to households making less than $49,999 and a surplus of homes affordable to households that make $50,000-$99,999 per year.

Lori Ferguson from SCEDD presented options the community could utilize to address their housing needs including the role the City and CRA as well as private sectors could play. Recommendations included infrastructure development of Minden West Estates south, new housing for workforce families, rental rehabilitation, existing housing stock maintenance through grant or local funding, creating a purchase, rehab, resell program, code enforcement/nuisance abatement, promoting infill development, transitional/new housing for the elder generation, and creating curb appeal of the community.

see April 14 Courier for full story