Minden Jazzercise Finds A Home

When Jazzercise was brought to Minden in 2016, classes were held at The Windmill. The business has changed locations over the years operating out of the long term care section of KCHS, the Minden Opera House briefly, and even online from instructors’ homes during the pandemic. In November Jazzercise proudly welcomed new and returning customers to try a class in their newly acquired studio on the square.

“I think it’s been kind of uplifting for people to have something new and exciting and there’s just something magical about being on the square. It’s just really warm and inviting down here,” owner Kim Grotrian said. “It feels like we finally have a home.”

Owners have been looking for a dedicated studio space since Jazzercise came to Minden. The search of available buildings continued for years with each space lacking critical features or otherwise not meeting the standards of the perfect studio. Looking and waiting for the right place finally came to an end when the old Minden Courier office became available.

for full story see December 16 Courier