Minden Mayor Receives Nebraska State Athletic Administrators’ Association (NSIAAA) Outstanding Service Award

Roger Jones, currently serving his second four-year term as mayor of Minden, was awarded the Outstanding Service Award by the Nebraska State Athletic Administrators’ Association  (NSIAAA) for over 30 years announcing Minden High School football games.
The mayor, a Minden High School alumnus himself, started calling the games when the previous voice of the Whippets, Skip Hove, retired.
“He invited me to sit in the press box for one of the games.” Jones said, “then one night, he said ‘I’m going to quit, why don’t you take over?”
Jones said it began as a one year commitment that slowly became part of life in the fall.
“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to [athletic director] Carl Ashman ‘that’s it Carl, find someone else to do it.’ And he comes back and says ‘well, we didn’t find anyone.’”

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