Minden Opera House Brings Peruvian Musician For Residency November 16-19 

(Minden, Nebraska) With the decline in cases of COVID-19 in the area and the relaxing of restrictions on visitors, the Minden Opera House (MOH) is excited to finally be able to bring in Peruvian musician Daniel Martinez and his band Jarana for a four-day residency in the Minden area.

Plans to bring Daniel to the Minden area first started back in 2020, but had to be delayed twice due to Covid restrictions. Marcy Brandt, Executive Director of the Minden Opera House, was so impressed with the reception that Martinez and the members of his band Jarana received from Minden Public Schools students in January of 2019 that she knew she wanted to bring them back.

“The way that the students responded to the band’s performance and how they interacted with the kids was truly impressive. You could tell that the band loves playing music, and the kids really connected with them,” says Brandt. “Part of what also made the performances at the school and the show at the Minden Opera House so exciting was how Daniel and the rest of the musicians brought their cultures into the program. They played a wide variety of instruments that many people have never seen before – and talked about the role that music plays in their cultures.”

see November 9 Courier for full story