Minden Police Department Focuses On Community Policing

 From visiting Minden Public Schools to building a Police Chaplain Corps and making an effort to connect with residents, Minden Police Chief Bradley Butler and his officers have implemented a community oriented policing strategy in the department. Developing relationships between officers and the public is a key component in the community policing philosophy.

“I want to put more community policing back in so we aren’t so alienated. I don’t want us to be a nameless, faceless police car going by,” Butler said. “With that community policing aspect if there is a complaint, sometimes it is possible to resolve that by talking.  It gives us more of that interaction, more of that personal touch. I think it helps everybody out to have that team concept.”

Butler began his law enforcement career at the Phelps County Sheriff’s Office. Over a course of 13 years, he worked his way through the ranks from Sergeant to Captain. He also performed duties as a drug task force investigator and worked as a K-9 officer for 5 years. He then moved to the Kearney Police Department where he was a street officer for a few years and an investigator for the majority of his 10 years on the force. The opportunity to build relationships and practice community policing played a large part in Butler’s decision to step down from his investigative position in Kearney and take on the mantle of Minden Police Chief in March 2020.

for full story see March 17 Courier