Minden Public School Board Approves Budget

The Minden Public Schools Board of Education met on Tuesday, September 13, in the C.L. Jones Library to discuss the new 2011-2012 budget, along with other business.
The board approved the minutes from their August meeting without discussion, and there was no public comment. There was no comment from the board on the financial reports.
The board opened the necessary hearings for the public, first for comment on the school budget, and then on the changing of the tax request, but there was no public comment and the hearings were closed.
During review of the bills for the general fund, Superintendant Dr. Wheelock brought to the board’s attention fees for activity supplies and cement crack caulking which was officially part of the summer work done to the school grounds. There was also $27,431 paid for the school’s insurance premium and a fee paid to OneSource for background checks on substitutes. Finally, Dr. Wheelock pointed out a bill paid to Woodwards Disposal out of Hastings for a shredding service to dispose of sensitive documents.
There was no comment from the administrators. There were also no personnel matters to be discussed. During the time allotted for discussion of buildings, grounds and transportation, it was reported that damage from lightning strikes had caused some issues but insurance was covering the repair, and the schools were gaining new equipment they had previously not had. Transportation so far was proceeding better than expected. Meanwhile, the school’s 2001 lawn mower was left at the Mower Medic for six weeks and still needed repairs. The engine had already been rebuilt, wiring harness had work done and the heads had been replaced. When the mower misses a patch of grass, the cylinders flood, and the cause has not yet been discovered.
Dr. Wheelock then presented the 2011-2012 budget. Enrollment has gone down from 880 in 1999 to 745 currently. Minden Public Schools received $892,720 in state aid, plus stimulus dollars in 2010, but this school year had only received $200,082, of which $47,000 was correction dollars from 2010. Minden’s graduation rate, 96.1%, is still well above the Nebraska average of 90.01%. Salary and benefits made up for 80% of the new budget. After some discussion, the board approved the budget as presented. The board also approved the tax levy of 1.125743.

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