Minden Residents Will Need To Dig Deeper

The citizens of Minden will need to dig even deeper into their pockets in the coming months.  Higher wholesale electrical rates, higher property taxes and proposed franchise fees are on the horizon.
Disregarding Councilman Ted Griess’s notion that the tax side of the budget could be lowered more to avoid adding franchise fees,  the Minden City Council approved the 2010-2011 budget on the three to one vote.
The council vote followed public hearing.  Jack Yant was the solitary citizen to step up to the microphone and question the council concerning franchise fees and valuations.
Griess, the lone dissenter on the council, said he could not vote to approve the budget if it contained the proposed 5 percent franchise fees, advocating more budget cuts on the tax side and going so far as to suggest cutting or eliminating the council members salaries to avoid adding the fees.

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