Minden Rotary Club To Hear Why Farmers Need Science And Technology To Grow Healthier Food

How are farmers using science and technology to grow healthier food? What’s the impact on our food, animal care and the environment? Those questions will be answered on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the Minden Rotary Club meeting. Elwyn Fitzke of Fitzke Farms in Glenvil will address the group at noon at the Minden Opera House located at 322 East 5th St.
Titled “Farming and Food” the speech by Fitzke will highlight how ongoing advancements in agricultural science are helping farmers raise better food while using fewer natural resources than ever before.
“Farmers who raise pigs have been able to make great progress in animal health, food safety and protecting the environment,” said Fitzke. “And farmers know they must always keep learning and working to get better at what they do. Farmers now use 41-percent less water and 78-percent less land to raise pigs than they did 50 years ago.”

for full story see January 13 Courier

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