Minden Rotary Global Project To Benefit Nigerian Farmers Underway

The Minden Rotary Club and their partners are ready to move forward with a Global Grant project that will benefit farmers in Nigeria. The project will deliver hand corn planters to farmers to increase health and economic development in the community.

Bill Raun and his fellow agricultural scientists at Oklahoma State University developed a hand corn planter that uses a mechanism attached to the bottom of a PVC pipe that the farmer fills with seed. The planter penetrates the ground which pushes the mechanism releasing one seed at the proper soil depth. The simple machine can ensure more uniform crops, increase yields, improve efficiency, reduce seed waste, and benefit farmers’ health.

“The corn planter was developed at Oklahoma State and they’ve been trying to get it out into the world. Rotary is one avenue where we’re trying to help accomplish that,” Kevin Raun said. “The patents are open and the plans to build them are out there for the public to take advantage of.”
see January 29 Courier for full story