Minden School Board Is Back To Drawing Board

Community reaction to the defeat of the Minden school bond issue was mixed throughout the school district. That division was reflected in a close election where a 132 vote difference out of a total 1,798 votes determined the outcome.
As the Minden School Board and school administration head back to the planning table, the lack of public discourse expressing opposition to the proposal during the school’s planning meetings and open houses is on their minds.
“I was a little surprised (about the election outcome) because I didn’t hear a lot of negative feedback leading up to the vote,” stated Minden School Board President Julie Krull. “I don’t know why we didn’t hear much opposition.”
“The voter turnout was very positive. The entire process was positive. It was all about sharing information and details and encouraging people to vote,” Krull said.
The evening of the election and the following morning, Minden School District Superintendent Dr. Melissa Wheelock had received several supportive calls from people in the community. “One of the things we were encouraged by was the number of people who voted and participated in the process,” Wheelock stated. “ What we need to do now is try to figure out the main reasons people voted against the bond election.”

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