Minden Swim Team Hosts Home On June 12

The Minden Swim Team held the second season meet in Minden on June 12.  The coaches appreciated all who helped get the meet set-up and going after a very long night of storms.
The meet results follow:
Long Free:  100 meters-  Paige Lempka, 1st, Emma Ryan, 1st, Hailey Holliday, 3rd, Charlie Fobie, exhibition, Kenan Horner, exhibition.  200 meters- Jonathan Johnson, exhibition, Collin Jensen, 1st, Lee Landrum, 2nd, Kaelyse Clapper, 1st, Devin Jensen, 1st, Trevor Sorensen, 2nd, Angie Althouse, 1st.  100 meters- Tessa Kuehn, 1st, Chris Kuehn, 1st.
Medley Relay (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle)-  10 & under girls- Hailey Holliday, Janessa Madsen, Emma Ryan, Jensen Rowse, 1st.  10 & under boys- Colton Taylor, Kenan Horner, Charlie Fobie, Trey Wenburg, 1st. 12 & under girls- Jadyn Horner, Samantha Clapper, Emma Jons, Isabella VanDusen, 2nd. 12 & under boys- Grant Alberts, Jozef Kuehn, Stone Wenburg, Cesar Gonzalez, 1st.  14 & under girls- Ali Rowse, Shae Taylor, Anisha Kuehn, Alex Grams, 1st.  14 & under boys- Michael Becker, AJ Horner, Collin Jensen, Lee Landrum, 1st.  18 & under boys- Jonathan Johnson, Trevor Sorensen, Devin Jensen, Phoenix Duffey, 2nd.  30 & over women- Lisa Clapper, Tessa Kuehn, Angie Althouse, Brenda Alberts, 1st.  30 & over men- Dennis Clapper, Jerry Jons, Jeffrey Horner, Chris Kuehn, 1st.
Butterfly- 25 meters- Paige Lempka, exhibition, Emma Ryan, exhibition, Janessa Madsen, 5th, Charlie Fobie, exhibition, Stone Wenburg, 1st.  50 meters- Jonathan Johnson, exhibition, Anisha Kuehn, 2nd, Collin Jensen, 1st, Amie Just, 1st, Devin Jensen, exhibition.  25 meters- Angie Althouse, 1st, Jeffrey Horner, 1st.
Freestyle-  50 meters-  Paige Lempka, 1st, Jensen Rowse, 2nd, Brinn Space, 4th, Madison Fogelman, 6th, Emma Ryan, 1st, Hailey Holliday, 3rd, Lillian VanDusen, 7th, Jianna Sorensen, 8th, Charlie Fobie, 1st, Stone Wenburg, 2nd, Kenan Horner, exhibition.  100 meters- Jadyn Horner, 2nd, Samantha Clapper, 4th, Isabella VanDusen, 5th, Adrienne Tiedeman, 6th, Jonathan Johnson, exhibition, Michael Becker, 1st, Phoenix Duffey, 2nd, Jozef Kuehn, 3rd, Cesar Gonzalez, 4th, Collin Jensen, exhibition, Lee Landrum, 1st, AJ Horner, 2nd, Kaelyse Clapper, 1st, Devin Jensen, 1st, Trevor Sorensen, 3rd.  50 meters- Brenda Alberts, 2nd, Jeffrey Horner, 1st, Dennis Clapper, 3rd, Jerry Jons, 4th, Chris Kuehn, 5th.

For complete results see The Minden Courier

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