Minden Swim Team Hosts PTSL Qualifying Swim Meet

The Minden swimming pool was host to over 200 swimmers on July 10.  The teams bringing swimmers included: Alma, Franklin, Gothenburg, Lexington, Holdrege, and our own Minden Swim Team.  This meet helped determine who would be competing for the top honors at the Plains Tsunami Swim League Championships held in Lexington on July  17, 2010.  To automatically qualify for an event, a swimmer must place first, second, or third in their race.  After all three qualifying meets are finished, the remaining seven spots are filled with the fastest times throughout the league.
The results of the Minden swim team members are as follows based on a swimmer’s age:
8 and Under girls and boys:
Katelyn Althouse- 25 freestyle, 22nd.  Raegan Horner- 25 freestyle, 26th.  Madison Fogelman- 25 back, 21st, 25 freestyle, 27th.  Catherine Braun- 25 back, 16th, 25 freestyle, 25th.  Eduardo Gonzalez- 50 freestyle, 6th, 25 freestyle, 3rd.  Paige Lempka- 100 freestyle, 1st, 50 freestyle, 1st, 25 freestyle, 2nd, 50 individual medley, 1st.  Sarah Luff- 25 backstroke, DQ, 25 freestyle, 29th.  Jensen Rowse- 50 freestyle, DQ, 25 back, 1st, 25 freestyle, 4th.  Brinn Space-  50 freestyle, 4th, 25 back, 11th, 25 freestyle, 11th.  Laney Thatcher- 50 freestyle, 3rd, 25 back, 6th, 25 freestyle, 8th.  
9 & 10 girls and boys:
Mary Braun- 50 free, 17th, 25 back, 16th, 25 free, 23rd.  Cayley Carpenter- 50 free, 13th, 25 back, 13th, 25 breaststroke, DQ.  Tyler Silvrants- 25 freestyle, 7th.  Jianna Sorensen- 50 free, 15th, 25 back, 17th, 25 free, 21st.  Lillian VanDusen- 50 free, 14th, 25 back, 18th, 25 free, 20th.  Sophia Braun- 50 free, 10th, 25 back, 6th,  25 free, 16th.  Charlie Fobie- 100 free, 1st, 25 fly, 1st, 25 breaststroke, 1st, 50 individual medley, 1st.  Hailey Holliday- 50 free, 5th, 25 back, 2nd, 25 free, 9th.  Kenan Horner- 50 free, 1st, 25 breaststroke, 2nd, 50 individual medley, 3rd.  Janessa Madsen-  25 fly, 3rd, 25 breaststroke, 8th, 25 free, 7th.  Emma Ryan- 100 free, 1st, 50 free, 1st, 25 breaststroke, 1st, 25 free, 1st.  Dylan Silvrants- 50 free, 5th, 25 back, 2nd, 25 free, 5th.  Colton Taylor- 50 free, 4th, 25 free, 4th.  Gabe Walmsley- 50 free, 2nd, 25 back, 3rd, 25 free, 1st.

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