Minden Swim Wins Third Straight Championship

The Minden Swim Team participated in the Plains Tsunami Swim League Championship meet on July 16 in Lexington. For the third year in a row, the team took the championship title.
This year the team beat out the talented Gothenburg and Lexington teams. Forty-three of the 52 member swim team participated in the championship meet. Several swimmers broke league records. Each event featured the best 16 swimmers throughout the league made up of 27 teams. The Minden swim team qualified in over 90 events for the championship meet. It was a fantastic finish to an already great season. The results of the championship meet are as follows:
Long Free: (10 and under and 30 and over ages groups swim 100 meters, 11-29 swim 200 meters, (8 and under)- Raegan Horner- 6th, Jake Ryan- 4th, Jack Ryan- 5th. (9-10 age group)- Paige Lempka- 2nd, Laney Thatcher- 7th, Mary Braun- 13th, Aidan Wheelock- 1st, Eduardo Gonzalez- 14th. (11- 12 age group) Emma Ryan- 1st, Sophia Braun- 14th, Jonathan Johnson- 1st New Record, Kenan Horner- 5th. (13-14 age group) Jozef Kuehn- 2nd. (15-18 age group) Devin Jensen- 1st New Record, Collin Jensen- 2nd. (30 and Over) Angie Althouse- 3rd.
Medley Relay: Swimming order- Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle. (10 and under) 17 A team- Jensen Rowse, Cayley Carpenter, Paige Lempka, Laney Thatcher- 2nd. 17 B team- Lily VanDusen, Brinn Space, Mary Braun, Jianna Sorensen- 9th. (12 and under) Hailey Holliday, Isabella VanDusen, Jadyn Horner, Amanda Wubbenhorst- 6th. Mathew Becker, Kenan Horner, Grant Alberts, Jacob Werner- (14 and under)- Michael Becker, Jozef Kuehn, Charlie Fobie, Cesar Gonzalez. (Open Relay)- Sophia Braun, Emma Jons, Kylee Eckhardt, Jennifer Sorensen- 5th. Aidan Wheelock, AJ Horner, Eduardo Gonzalez, Dylan Silvrants- DQ.
Butterfly: (10 and under and 30 and over- swim 25 meters, 11-29 swim 50 meters), (11-12 ages) Charlie Fobie- 1st, Grant Alberts- 5th. (15 to 18 ages)- Amie Just- 3rd. (19 and over)- Kylee Eckhardt- 3rd.
Free: (10 and under and 30 and over swim 50 meters freestyle, 11-29 swim 100 meters freestyle), (8 and under) Sabastian Salpas- 9th. (9 and 10) Paige Lempka- 2nd, Jensen Rowse- 7th, Aidan Wheelock- 1st. (11 and 12) Emma Ryan – 1st, Jadyn Horner- 10th, Charlie Fobie- 2nd, Cesar Gonzalez- 10th, Grant Alberts- 11th, Mathew Becker- 13th, Jacob Werner- 14th. (13-14) Emma Jons- 10th, Michael Becker- 3rd, Jozef Kuehn- 5th. (15-18) Jennifer Sorensen- DQ, Devin Jensen- 1st New Record, Collin Jensen 2nd, AJ Horner- 6th, (30 and over) Angie Althouse- 6th.

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