Minden’s Dolan Wins Art Awards

Minden High School’s Jessica Dolan, daughter of Minden art teacher Chris Dolan, has been honored by the Scholastic Art Awards of Nebraska for two of her pieces completed this year.
The first, titled “Big Brother,” is an acrylic painting of her older brother which has been recognized with a Gold Key and the second, titled “Beneath The Surface” is an oil pastel portrait of herself, and has been awarded a Silver Key.
According to the Nebraska Scholastic Scoring Rubric, each submission is reviewed for three criteria:
Originality – “looking for works that reveal an original approach to the process, conception and subject matter.”
Technical proficiency – “look for technical proficiency as required to successfully complete a work in a particular medium.  In addition, look for inventive application of techniques and be sensitive to works which demonstrate the artist’s willingness to take risks and to experiment with materials, form and content.”
Expression – “look for the emergence of a personal vision or style and the visual expression of feeling and conception. Also look for works which take classroom assignments to another level of execution.”
Each category is given a score and the winners are decided by the sum total of the three scores.

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