Mobile Planetarium Coming To Jensen Memorial On July 26

Light pollution from homes, businesses, and streetlights can make it difficult to see a full set of stars in the night sky even in rural Nebraska. On July 26, Minden residents will be able to appreciate the cosmos as they are brought close enough to touch with the Edgerton Explorit Center’s Mobile Planetarium at the Minden Opera House.
The stargazing event is sponsored by Jensen Memorial Library and free to the public. An inflated dome measuring 16 feet wide and 10 feet high will be set up in the theater room at the Opera House. Participants will enter the dome and sit on the floor as they are led on a 30 minute interactive tour of the night sky by astronomer Dan Glomski.
A fish eye projection cast on the dome’s interior will surround the audience with a realistic sky in 3D. Using Nightshade software, detailed images of the heavens will move across the dome as Glomski narrates. In addition to general astronomy information, the presentation will discuss the upcoming solar eclipse.

see July 19 Courier for full story

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