MOH Folding Minden Together

Minden Opera House is ‘Folding Minden Together’ with a legacy art project. Residents and visitors can come together to commemorate this historic time in the community’s history by folding a piece of paper that will be used to create an origami cityscape by nationally award winning paper artist Linda Stephen.

In an effort to promote togetherness and bring people joy, MOH has commissioned Stephen for a paper mosaic piece featuring downtown Minden at Christmas. The scene was chosen because it incorporates the community’s identity and history.

“Everybody in Minden, past and present, has an instant response when they see those lights, especially during the pandemic,” MOH Director Marcy Brandt said. “The symbol of a light in the darkness, the symbol of hope during the pandemic, everything that it encapsulates including the history of the community just made it obvious this is what it needs to be.”

see March 17 Courier for full story