MPD Recovers Stolen Vehicle

On January 5, 2021, Officer Steve Kerns with the Minden Police Department located a vehicle with fictitious license plates parked on a street in Minden. Officers conducted surveillance on the vehicle and at approximately 2325 hours on January 5, 2021 the vehicle was observed traveling westbound on 6th Street in Minden. Officer Kerns contacted the driver of the vehicle as it stopped in front of another residence in Minden. Officer Kerns found the license plates on the vehicle belonged to another vehicle and the driver stated the vehicle was borrowed by her boyfriend who dropped it off at the residence she was at earlier in the day. Officer Kerns had the vehicle towed and impounded. Officer Kerns received a delayed report the vehicle was stolen out of Kearney. Officer conducted an inventory search of the vehicle and found property that has been reported stolen from other jurisdictions. A felony warrant is pending for the driver of the vehicle.

see January 13 Courier for full story