MPS Board To Consider Budget For 2021-22 School Year

On September 13, the Minden Public Schools Board of Education will consider the budget for the 2021-2022 school year. While funding of Minden Public Schools continues to be through local tax dollars within the district, the school limits the increase in its budget.  Kearney County had a slight valuation increase, and overall valuations for Minden Public Schools increased by $18 million. As determined by the County Assessor, valuation in the district went up approximately 1.49% to roughly $1.23 billion. The Minden School district has dropped 3.2% in valuation over the last four years.

The overall tax asking amount is very similar to last year. The levy number changed due to the slight increase in valuations. The combined General Fund, Special Building Fund, and Bond Fund levies of $0.923 are well within the $1.05 state levy lid.

See September 8 Courier for full story