MPS Collaborates In Flu Prevention Efforts

Minden Public Schools is teaming up with Two Rivers Public Health Department and Kearney County Health Services in a defensive position against influenza in the schools. TRPHD will be making influenza vaccinations available to 4th-12th grade students and staff this fall and KCHS will be providing influenza vaccines to staff and students of staff at East Elementary.

“We did this for the first time with Two Rivers last year for 9-12 grade. This year we are expanding it to include the middle school as well to increase the amount of kids and staff that get the flu shot. It’s inconvenient for them to find time to go get the shot so we’re bringing it to them,” school nurse Julie Anderson explained. “We’d like to thank KCHS for coming in to do a clinic at our elementary to help alleviate some of the high numbers of influenza this year.”

This collaboration simplifies the process of receiving the influenza vaccine for older students and staff. Nurses with TRPHD will spend a day at the schools administering vaccines to individuals during a school day in October. The clinic saves participants the hassle of making an appointment and missing school, activities, practice, or work in order to receive a vaccination.
see September 18 Courier for full story