MPS Holds Budget Hearing

C.L. Jones Middle School Principal John Osgood reported to the Minden Public Schools Board of Education during the September 9 regular meeting that the middle school was visited by Peggy, the daughter of the school’s namesake. Peggy had learned about the time capsule opened last year and was curious to see the contents which included a picture of her family.

Students took charge of the visit as Peggy, her son, and her friend, Lucy Ann Dodge, toured the school and shared stories of their own school experience. They were able to view the time capsule and its contents as well. The visit was enjoyed by all.

A budget hearing for the 2019-20 school year was opened. Superintendent Jim Widdifield provided a breakdown of the proposed budget. The General Fund budget will be $8,749,755, a two percent increase from the prior year budget. The property tax requirement is down .08% and valuations are down 2.44%. The proposed levy for Minden Public Schools will be $0.66.
see September 18 Courier for full story