MPS Prepared With Remote Learning Plan

Minden Public Schools has successfully maintained in person learning through the Fall semester. While their goal is to continue this mode of instruction through the remainder of the school year, plans are in place for a more cohesive remote learning structure if it becomes necessary. 

“We’ve utilized a lot of resources. We’ve had some good collaboration with other schools, the ESUs, and NRCSA,” Superintendent Jim Widdifield said. “We’re really building off what we did in March to try and make things work a little better. We’re reinventing ourselves on how to utilize the technology we have to provide a similar experience to what they would have if they were in class.”

The first step to creating a remote learning plan was ensuring every student has the ability to connect with the school from home. A high response from parents to a technology survey early in the school year allowed the district access to federal funds that made it possible to purchase more resources so every student K-12 has a device that can be used at home. The district was also able to identify and secure internet based devices and hotspots for those areas where students need access if learning has to go remote.

for full story see December 30 Courier