MPS Presents ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

On April 29-30, Minden Public Schools students will perform ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ in the MPS Performing Arts Center. The comedy adventure adapted by Doug Rand from the novel by J.M. Barrie will be directed by Angie Oberg, Whitney Maulsby, and Hugo Madera.

When the carefree and careless Peter Pan flies into the nursery of the Darling home, Wendy follows her motherly instincts and her love for adventure, bringing her little brothers along to the magical Neverland to take care of the motherless Lost Children. Soon the Darling children are swept into Peter’s deadly battle with Captain Hook and his mostly fearsome pirate crew. With so much excitement, why ever go home again?

“This play lends itself to a strong connection between the audience members and the actors on stage.  Both will need to use every bit of their imagination to jump into the world of childhood playtime.  Pirates, mermaids, flying children, and no adult-supervision make for a fun, creative, and beautiful production,” Maulsby said. “Our simple set, lack of props, and sweet story are purposeful in an attempt to showcase the wonderful talents of these performers.  They will soar to great heights as they were meant to. Join them on this childlike journey of hope, love, and innocence.”

see April 21 Courier for full story