MPS Presents ‘What A Knight’

On April 28-29, Minden Public Schools students will perform ‘What a Knight’ in the MPS Performing Arts Center. The musical comedy by Craig Hawes will be directed by Angie Oberg, Whitney Maulsby, and Hugo Madera.

King Arthur’s birthday has arrived along with a whirlwind of troubles for Camelot. After being expelled from Knight School, Watt Cobblers is forced into an apprenticeship with Merlin who has lost more than his marbles. Princess Alice has failed to learn the ways of royalty and is in cahoots with a crazy dragon. The evil Black Knight is planning an attack on the castle with his blackhead henchmen. What will become of the royal family and their loyal subjects? Find out in Minden Public School’s production of ‘What a Knight!’

see April 20 Courier for full story