MPS School Board Prepares For Auction Of Surplus Property At Old High School

The Minden Public Schools Board of Education held a lengthy meeting April 11. Before getting down to business the board opened the floor to public comment. Katie Sinsel used the opportunity to ask that creation be taught in the school in addition to evolution.
School board member Rusty Rhynalds abstained from discussion and voting on an agenda item regarding the old high school and its contents due to conflict of interest. Rhynalds Auction volunteered their services for the public auction of property and building fixtures at the old high school building. The contract presented to the board for approval specified all proceeds from the auction would go directly to Minden Public Schools and Rhynalds Auction would waive all auctioneer’s, clerk’s, and cashier’s fee. The auction will take place at the old high school at a date to be determined in 2018.
The board discussed the contract and the responsibilities Minden Public Schools would carry under the agreement. Superintendent Dr. Melissa Wheelock assured the board that anything from the old school that could be used by Minden Public Schools has already been removed and put to use in one of the schools. A motion was made and approved to close the old high school effective immediately, authorize the sale of property and fixtures at the old high school building, and sign the contract with Rhynalds Auction.

see April 18 Courier for full story

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