MPS Tax Request Stays Low For Second Consecutive Year

District 50-0503 will consider a proposed budget of just over $10.4 million next week. The budget proposal, which does not include $2.6 million in unused budget authority or $1.5 million in cash reserve, is slightly higher than the $10.1 million budget approved last year. To off set property tax levels Minden

Public Schools will use money out of reserves to make our adjustment to the levy. While funding of the local school district continues to be shouldered within the district, little tax increase might be seen due to the decrease in property valuations. Minden Public Schools will receive nearly no state aid again this year.

Valuation in the district, as determined by the county assessor, decreased approximately 2.44% to approximately $1.3 billion. The Minden community has dropped almost 6.5% over the last two years. This is a severe contrast to the past few years in which the district saw substantial increases, primarily due to increase in ag land valuation.

See September 11 Courier for full story