Nebraska High Court Rules In Favor Of Pioneer Village

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation on Friday in the Foundation’s appeal of the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission’s (TERC) determination that the Village’s adjacent motel and RV campground should not be tax exempt.
The ruling in favor of Pioneer Village lifted what Foundation Board President Harold G. (Skip) Warp called, “a huge emotional burden off my back.”
“We have struggled with this battle with the county assessor since 1984. Today’s ruling was a strong indication of where we are heading,” Warp said.
The Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation owns and operates the Pioneer Village Museum and the nearby motel, campground and restaurant. For several years, the museum, motel and campground were all granted property tax exemptions. In 2011, state tax officials appealed to TERC contending the motel and campground were not entitled to exemptions and TERC agreed with the state tax officials.

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