Outpatient Services Large Part Of KCHS Revenue

The outpatient clinics at Kearney County Health Services are designed to provide specialized medicine to patients that do not require inpatient hospital services.
These outpatient clinics provide access to physicians who are specialists in a specific field of medicine, such as cardiology, ophthalmology, urology, orthopedic and podiatry.  
The specialty clinics bring the physicians to the patients, eliminating the need for travel to receive specialized care.
Because of the trend toward ambulatory (or same day) surgery, which is performed in nearly sixty percent of all elective surgery procedures, health care experts anticipate that percentage will increase to nearly seventy-five percent over the next decade.
The trend is the result of the development of less invasive surgical techniques, improved surgical instruments, a team approach in preparing a patient for surgery and home recovery to assist in reducing health care costs.
In 2010, forty-five percent of the KCHS’s revenue came from hospital outpatient services.
According to CFO Rebekah Mussman, in fiscal year 2010, KCHS had 41,947 outpatient visits and/or procedures.
This number was similar in fiscal year 2009 as well, illustrating the upward trend toward the use of the outpatient services in Minden.
For this reason, the plans for the proposed new construction and renovation project include specific rooms designed to facilitate outpatient procedures, visiting physicians and most important, the patients.
Currently, six visiting physicians conduct outpatient clinics at KCHS.  Dr. Netz, Cardiology; Dr. Harkins, Ophthalmology; Dr. Kutty, Cardiology; Dr. Hinze, Podiatry; Dr. Conant, Urology;  Dr. Bohlen, Orthopedic and Wound Care clinic,  Health Care Providers Amanda Thom and Marie Nelson.

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