Palatsky Is Courier Editor

Nathan Palatsky is the new editor for The Minden Courier.
I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from Biola University on May 28, 2011, where I was also the sports editor of the campus newspaper, The Chimes.
I am a Christian. I believe that God is real and I’m proud that that is the heritage of my country. I am also fiercely patriotic. I love America, and I support her troops.
It has been said I’m a sports addict. I played baseball until a shoulder injury during my senior year of high school, and then played college lacrosse as a midfielder for Biola. I currently have two baseball gloves, one golf club, one lacrosse stick, one football, two tennis rackets and one basketball in the trunk of my car, so gather from that what you will. I’m a Yankees’ fan in baseball season, a Broncos fan in football season, and during basketball season, I’m happy as long as the Lakers are losing, although I have a soft spot in my heart for the Oklahoma City Thunder.
I’m a bit old fashioned in that I enjoy reading actual books. You will never see me with a Kindle, or such electronic readers. I also still enjoy reading the actual newspaper, despite the readily available flow of information online. But perhaps my single favorite thing to do is sit with people and have face to face conversation, the practice of which has been tragically lost on much of America today.
Long story short, I’m honored to be joining your community, and I look forward to the relationships that will be formed. I welcome your feedback, and any suggestions you might have. Please always feel free to stop me and introduce yourself. Thank you for having me in your city.

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