Parent Advisory Committee To Raise Money For East Elementary Playground Improvements And Cameras

At their meeting at C.L. Jones Middle School on November 7, the Minden Public Schools Board of Education opened the floor for public comment after roll call opened the meeting. Annie Jacobsen was in attendance from the Parent Advisory Committee at East Elementary. Jacobsen representing the PAC, requested the board’s permission to begin fund raising for new matting and security cameras at the playground.
The tentative plan presented was to ask $25 for each donor to sponsor one square foot of matting. Businesses and corporations would be contacted, but donations could come from anyone and each donor would receive a plaque to be displayed either in one hallway of the school or out on the playground for the children to see.
The recent can drive and East Elementary Fun Run provided enough funds to cover the supplies to begin the fund raiser. The PAC did not ask for money from the board, but only for permission to begin raising money towards the cause. The goal is to have the matting in place in August 2012 for the start of the next school year.
The board agreed the cameras were needed, regardless of the matting situation as there has been recent vandalism on the playground. The board did not commit to covering the balance between the funds raised and the cost for the matting, but they did encourage Jacobsen and the PAC to begin their fund raising program.
Also during public comment, Sam Dunn presented the results of research he had done in the high school. Out of a student enrollment of 249 from the 2010-2011 school year, 74.6 percent were involved in at least one activity or club. A surprising 53 percent were involved in two to four activities or clubs and 23 percent were involved in five or more. His presentation stated “the goal of activities/clubs include: creating memories of a successful high school career, local, state and national recognition, and providing responsibilities similar to life outside of high school. Minden High School is fortunate to have such dedicated students and staff to meet these goals.”

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