Part Four: The Final Review From 2016 From The Courier

The difference is in the details and several details large and small helped set 2016 apart from years past in Kearney County.
The Minden Utilities Department battled a broken water main and valve on Colorado Avenue in January. With temperatures in the freezing range, City employees diligently worked at digging to reach the source of the spewing water before assistance from Midlands Contracting in Kearney and a line stopping company from Hastings arrived. City workers from both the Streets and Utilities Department worked long hours in the freezing temperatures to get the problem fixed.
Repairs to the City’s water infrastructure were a large focus in 2016, but this main break displayed the importance of proper record keeping. Utilities Superintendent Ryan Hurst and his crew began using BeeHive, a technology that helps track maintenance to infrastructure, in an effort to minimize future problems.

see January 18 Courier for full story

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